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May 20, 2023

LinkedIn retargeting – how to make the most of it?

LinkedIn is a powerful networking platform for business professionals and their companies.

Building the right tech stack is key

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How to choose the right tech stack for your company?

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LinkedIn retargeting – how to make the most of it?

LinkedIn is a powerful networking platform for business professionals and their companies. People use it for finding jobs and new connections, as well as to stay up to date with the news in their industry.

One way to make this social media platform even more effective, especially for brands, is by using it for retargeting purposes. 

In this blog post, we will discuss how to make the most out of this practice. All so that your business can benefit from LinkedIn as much as possible.

So sit comfortably and get ready - your LinkedIn retargeting strategy is about to undergo a makeover thanks to our tips and tricks.

What is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a business- and employment-oriented social networking service that operates via websites and mobile apps. 

Founded in December 2002, it is mainly used for professional networking and career development.

As time passes by, LinkedIn is only getting more popular worldwide:

Number of linkedIn users worldwide with a forecast up to 2025 - source

For businesses, it carries a lot of potential because it boasts over 800 million members in over 200 countries and territories, making it a vast pool of top talent and business opportunities.


One of these opportunities is the aforementioned marketing practice of LinkedIn retargeting.

What is LinkedIn retargeting?

LinkedIn retargeting is the process of targeting ads specifically to those users who have already visited your profile or engaged with your brand on LinkedIn in any way. This can be done through LinkedIn’s native advertising platform. 

The platform allows you to target users with ads based on their LinkedIn activity.

How does it work in practice? 


Imagine you’re scrolling through LinkedIn and suddenly see a  post published by some company. The post is about something you’re interested in, so you naturally click on the profile to check the company out. 

You spend a few, maybe several seconds browsing through the profile and go back to keep on scrolling through LinkedIn.

Later that day, you see this company again. Surprisingly though, this time you’re seeing this company when scrolling through Instagram. How did this happen?

The answer is: using LinkedIn retargeting.

LinkedIn retargeting tools monitor your behavior on the platform to then let advertisers use it in their favor. And that’s why you’re seeing that company’s content again - because the system knows you’ve seen it before and wants to expose you to it again.

LinkedIn ad example - source

Why should you be using LinkedIn retargeting?

The answer is simple: because it brings companies results. They could include:

  • more website visitors,
  • more frequent LinkedIn member visits,
  • improved sales funnel

to name a few examples.

LinkedIn retargeting opens the door to many benefits for your business. Let’s look at some of them now:

Better, personalized content 

By retargeting your Linkedin profile visitors with your content, you get a chance to create a far more personalized experience. And personalization is extremely important today.

In fact, according to Epsilon's research, 80% of consumers prefer brands that provide personalized services.

Because retargeting allows you to reach out to people who have already interacted with you before, they will start developing a relationship with you.  This means they won’t find your content strange, random or unfamiliar after a second encounter.

source: LinkedIn

Higher conversion rate 

Moving on, retargeting on LinkedIn has a chance to bring you a higher conversion rate. From building initial awareness to making actual conversions - your number of sales and quality leads will increase in no time.

Higher engagement rate

Finally, thanks to retargeting you have a chance to increase your engagement rate. 

Engagement rates are the metrics that track how actively involved your audience is with your content.

Since retargeting allows you to stay in close touch with people, they will be more likely to engage with your brand.

And what are the benefits of a high engagement rate? Here are the most common ones:

  • it boosts your brand awareness and recognition, 
  • it is the perfect social proof for your business,
  • it goes hand in hand with social media platforms’ algorithms.

All in all, LinkedIn retargeting simply allows you to reach out to your target audience when they are most receptive to your message – that is, when they are already familiar with your brand and are interested in what you have to say. 

From there, you can go down so many routes and boost your business in numerous ways.

LinkedIn retargeting - how to make the most out of it? Tips and tricks

While the concept of LinkedIn retargeting may seem simple from its definition, there’s many potential dangers and challenges out there. Knowing how to approach them with maximum success might come in handy.

So if you’re looking to start retargeting users on LinkedIn, we have prepared some useful tips. 

Use the LinkedIn advertising account to target your ads

LinkedIn's native advertising platform is an awesome feature that allows you to display a LinkedIn ad and run campaigns - so do make use of it.

It works by taking advantage of the data that it has about the LinkedIn users. Some of that data includes LinkedIn users behavior when it comes to interacting with brands. 

This is particularly useful for retargeting purposes. 

The platform itself is not only cost-effective but also rich in various and highly useful features.

source: LinkedIn Campaign Manager

LinkedIn's native advertising platform can be used for many different purposes, including lead generation, lead nurturing, and brand awareness. 

What features can you take advantage of?

  • LinkedIn insight tag,
  • multiple ad formats,
  • contact targeting,
  • remarketing ads,
  • professional campaign manager,
  • LinkedIn retargeting options,
  • video ads management,
  • company page audience targeting,

The targeting options are particularly useful when you're looking for a specific audience or want to reach people who are in a particular industry.

Target users who have already visited your website or engaged with your brand on LinkedIn

The whole idea around retargeting campaigns is simple. You use them to reach out to people who have engaged with you before - ideally 1 to 3 days ago (more on that in the next tip). 

More often than not, retargeting campaigns differ from regular ones because they are for people who are already familiar with your brand or products.

To enjoy linkedIn retargeting to maximum, make sure you’re reaching out to people already familiar with your company. To know who they are - go back to our first tip and use the help of professional tools like the LinkedIn Campaign Manager.

Use LinkedIn retargeting to reach out to your target audience when they are most receptive to your message

Moving on, apart from retargeting the right people, it’s vital to know WHEN to retarget them.

A lot of the time, timing can either make or break your campaigns, including those focused on retargeting.

When you plan on launching retargeting ads, pay attention to their timing.

This means not only times of the day and week, but also the year:

  • Worst days to post on LinkedIn: Saturdays and Sundays
  • Best days to post on LinkedIn: Wednesdays and Thursdays
  • Best times to post on LinkedIn: Tuesdays 10 a.m. to noon
Best time to post on LinkedIn globally according to Sprout Social

Apart from adjusting your campaign timing to LinkedIn’s best traffic hour, you should also keep in mind the psychological aspect of retargeting.

Researchers from Japan found that retargeting campaigns that are launched too early (within 1 hour) simply annoy people. As a result, they make the campaign recipients less likely to complete a desired action, be it finishing a purchase or visiting a website.

Instead, your advertising team should wait between 24 to 72 hours for the best results.

This way, there is a lower chance that your potential customer or lead gets a feeling like they’re being attacked by you.

Use relevant and targeted keywords and content to reach your target audience

To make sure that people come back to your brand based on your retargeting ads, it’s vital to target them with relevant content and words.

For example, you shouldn’t be targeting people who viewed your LinkedIn post about your product with a campaign about your upcoming events. In this case, chances are small that they will connect the dots and further engage with your brand.

What you should do instead is show them something that will ring a bell in their minds and make them say: “Oh, I remember this, I want to check it out again”. 

Retargeting might seem like a bit of a guessing-game, but it doesn’t have to. With these tips in mind, you should be able to make the most of LinkedIn retargeting and reach your target audience more effectively.

What is LinkDrip and what does it have to do with LinkedIn retargeting?

When it comes to creating the ad content for your retargeting campaigns, it’s important to remember they should:

  • be visually appealing,
  • get a lot of clicks (ideally),
  • work flawlessly,
  • be easy to interact with.

It’s all about taking care of a good copy, using the correct, suitable graphics and ensuring no errors are to be found.

You might also want to include some links with a call to action button to external sources, like your website for example. 

To help you with links in your retargeting campaigns, and retargeting on its own, there are solutions like LinkDrip out there.

LinkDrip is a link engagement tool for link analytics, A/B testing, ad retargeting and intelligent destination management. 

How can LinkDrip help you with your LinkedIn retargeting ads?

First things first, LinkDrip’s link shortening feature will make your links look original and unique. When you compare a long URL to a shortened one, you will quickly notice the huge difference:

here: graphic representing the visual difference between a long URL and a short one (shortened using LinkDrip)

Secondly, shortened links leave more room for more words in your campaigns, making the whole copy look organized and clean. This will attract more eyes to your content.

Moving on, using customized links can significantly boost your branding efforts - that’s another perk when it comes to increasing engagement rate and raising brand awareness.

LinkDrip is also a giant knowledge repository - with its tracking and analytics features, you can soon start launching the best retargeting campaigns your company will ever have.

So if you want LinkDrip to help you:

  • target the right prospects on LinkedIn,
  • create custom, unique events,
  • deliver better results,

do check it out today and try the free trial out.

Start your journey by retargeting your LinkedIn ads today

LinkedIn retargeting is a way to keep your ads in front of potential customers. 

It helps you reach customers that have already expressed interest in your products or services. It’s also a powerful strategy of reaching like-minded people from the same industry.

We hope you enjoyed this article on LinkedIn retargeting and learned something new today.

If you ensure that your LinkedIn ads are:

  • well-timed,
  • well-executed using professional tools,
  • relevant-content wise and
  • aimed at the right people

you will have no issues with seeing outstanding results from your LinkedIn retargeting campaigns. 

And with tools like LinkDrip, you can become even better at retargeting.

For more insightful knowledge, stop by our blog sometimes. Other than that, thanks for your attention and good luck with creating successful LinkedIn retargeting campaigns.